Proposed new art app will support local artists

Imagine going into a cafe, seeing a work of art for sale that you just have to have and then, using an app on your phone, you buy it right then and there. That is the idea of Geelong innovators and art lovers, Ian Priddle and Glenn Schmidt from Codeacious, who have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get their Arti app up and running.

Arti will help art lovers discover and purchase artwork displayed in casual spaces like cafés and bars. But it will also help Geelong artists find local venues willing to showcase their work, as well as assist venue managers to find local art for their premises. A win-win situation for Geelong artists and the local hospitality industry. Although the app would be great for Geelong, the app could also encompass other towns and cities. The boys at Codeacious have big plans and would like the app to be usable anywhere in the world.

Arti mockupsArti mockups. Image via

With only one week to go on the Kickstarter campaign, Glenn and Ian are seeking small donations to help make the app a reality and would like input from artists about what features the app should have. Glenn says they love the idea of loads of artists putting in small amounts of money and “then having a say about Arti. One of the best things about crowd funding is that it builds a community of people who care about the idea as much as we do. We’ll want their input to shape the app, if our campaign is successful.”

Anyone will be able to create an artist profile on Arti and list their work, with all types of physical artwork allowed. The app has scope for a review system so that artists can know which cafes are best suited for exhibiting in, and other features could include buyers bidding for works or tipping artists whose work has impressed them. 

Geelong artist, Glen Smith thinks that the Arti app could work on several levels of the market. “It makes a great stepping stone for artists trying to break into the world of selling art, while the more experienced practitioner can use the app to break into new areas and towns with minimal risks involved.”

Delivering a product like this to a high standard takes a lot of time and money so if you are passionate about art in Geelong, and would like to see this project get off the ground, get on board and pledge your support on the Kickstarter website. I am! All you need is some vision to see the potential and a few bucks to toss into the project.

For more details about the Arti app, go to Kickstarter or check out the Codeacious website.

(Even the Kickstarter staff, who must see a lot of wild and wacky ideas, see value in the project. Within an hour of launching on Kickstarter, Arti was selected as a Staff Pick and listed as New and Noteworthy.)


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