Time for Change

I am so busy these days that I am not able to devote much time to this blog focusing on the visual arts around Geelong. Now that I am studying, all my energy is going into my own art practice. I don’t want to give up the blog, but I am going to take a little break from it so I can concentrate on my work.

So to keep the blog going, if anyone out there would like to contribute a reflection about an art exhibition you have seen around Geelong, please send it to me with an image or two and I will publish it, if it is of interest. It doesn’t have to be long or academic – it only needs to be a paragraph or two – just a genuine, thoughtful response to an art exhibition, in Geelong. My email is artingeelong [at] gmail.com.

Here is an image of a painting by Geelong artist Shelley McKenzie that I saw yesterday at Boom Gallery. I love how Shelley layers her paintings with motifs from both her inner landscape and the outer world, to create demanding compositions of bold colour, line and form. She nails it in a style that is distinctly her own. You can see more of her paintings over on Boom’s website and read more about her work in a previous post here.

On the BlowerShelley McKenzie, On the Blower, acrylic on canvas, 110cm x 110cm. Image courtesy Boom Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Time for Change

  1. Thank you for your blog efforts. I’ve enjoyed your posts. Good luck with your studies. Cheers ML

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