Two Geelong artists in Hatched 2014 at PICA

Two Geelong-based artists, Bianca Brant and Alexandra McKim, are currently exhibiting their work in one of the most well-known graduate art shows in Australia, Hatched National Graduate Show at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. This year the exhibition features works by thirty-four of Australia’s top art graduates and is currently showing until the end of June 2014. Hatched has developed a reputation for indicating current trends in contemporary art and has launched the careers of many Australian artists. It boasts impressive alumni including David Noonan, Julie Dowling, Raquel Ormella and Shaun Gladwell, to name a few. So who knows, Bianca and Alexandra could be future stars of the Australian art world!

Bianca Brant at PICA. Photo: Lance Youston.

Bianca Brant’s body of work The Space Between Series, comprises eight paintings which take the viewer into imagined landscapes and is based on her graduate exhibition last year. Bianca Brant graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) from Deakin University. You can read more about Bianca’s work in a recent post here.

Bianca Brant - installation view
Bianca Brant, The Space Between Series, 2013. Oil paint and ink on archival paper. Installation view at Hatched. Image courtesy the artist.
Scatter Cushion Attack Dogs
Bianca Brant, Scatter Cushion Attack Dogs, 2013. Oil paint and ink on archival paper. Image courtesy the artist.
Brant B
Bianca Brant, Altitude (detail), 2013. Oil paint and ink on archival paper. Image courtesy the artist.

Text from the Hatched exhibition catalogue:

The Space Between is a series of imagined landscapes. Bianca Brant’s emotional landscapes apply movement, rhythm and change. Building on the history of abstract and landscape painting Brant employs a mixture of drawing and painting methods. They are initially derived from particular places and locations but through the process of improvisation they become abstract. This suite of work considers the internal and external worlds and the space between. The troubles of the human condition are expressed in topographical anxieties. The restorative nature of the earth, sky, land and sea is represented as a patchwork fabric that comforts us providing hope.

The romantic notion of the individual artist working in the landscape continues. Bianca Brant paints in a visual language that is rhythmic, improvised and performative. Her en plein air practice of landscape painting examines the collaborative space between artist, place and audience. From the imagined elevation of a bird in flight, the artist ascends to a small world experience of detachment to explore themes weighty and profound. Nature’s restorative power is painted in a bright emotional palette celebrating life’s safety nets: the meditative state of the runner, a gardener’s pottering or the surfer at dawn. This Kantian understanding of humanity’s resilience and ability to reconcile shock is documented on archival paper, a medium that appears fragile but is strong. Real-time experiences, triggered memories and future projections of hope are made-by-hand in evocative landscapes expressing what 1000 words spoken cannot.

If you interested to find out more about Bianca Brant’s work, you can contact her at Etch Gallery and Studios, 215 Moorabool St Geelong. Open Wed-Sat 10am to 3pm.
Phone 0459 188 086 or email etchgallery [at]


Alexandra McKim received a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Fine Arts) from Federation University in Ballarat and her ceramic work in Hatched features delicately patterned porcelain spheres which she first exhibited in her university grad show. This body of work reflects her interest in the natural world and micro environments.

Alexandra Mckim-Untitled-2013-Photos By Shelley Hinton
Alexandra Mckim-Untitled-Photos By Shelley Hinton 1
Alexandra Mckim-Untitled-Photo By Shelley Hinton 4
Alexandra Mckim-Untitled-2013-Photos By Shelley Hinton 2Alexandra McKim, Untitled, 2013, Southern Ice porcelain, 15 x 15 x 15cm each. Photo: Shelley Hinton. Installation view  from the Federation University graduate show. All images courtesy the artist.

Text from the exhibition catalogue:

In Alexandra McKim’s work, patterns occurring in nature have been interpreted to capture a quiet, harmonic sensibility. Delicate subtleties present in micro-environments fire McKim’s imagination and inform her use of a restrictive monochromatic palette. The magnificent coastline of Southern Victorian supplies a point of reference as McKim creates decorative patterns from the countless textures, surfaces and plantlife in this region. Through this untitled piece McKim has endeavoured to create a body of work that explores her fascination with the biological world and its naturally occurring nuances.

Alexandra McKimproduces porcelain pattern sculptures derived from the subtleties found within the natural world. Through her use of slow and meticulous methods of working and shaping the porcelain clay, her art is imbued with a delicate quality. McKim’s creations, both her sculptures and support drawing, have a fragility and precision to them. The production of this body of work in particular has also led the artist to gain a meditative enjoyment in the process as well as the finished objects.

If you wish to find out more about Alexandra’s work you can contact her on email alexandramckim [at] and you can read a recent interview with her on the Ceramics Victoria website. Boom Gallery also stock some of Alexandra’s ceramics (from a different series).


The Hatched $35,000 Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize was awarded to Zoe Kirkwood (University of South Australia) for her installation The Neo-Baroque Spectacle. Four artists were highly commended: Michael McIntyre (National Art School, NSW), Simonne Goran (Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, NSW), Briony Galligan (Monash University, VIC) and David Brophy (Central Institute of Technology, WA).

Zoe Kirkwood Hatched
Zoe Kirkwood, recipient of the $35,000 Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize, in the throes of installing The Neo-Baroque Spectacle. Photo: Bianca Brant.

You can find out more about Hatched and all the exhibiting artists on the PICA website.

Imagined Landscapes by Bianca Brant
The Space Between – Deakin Graduates Art Exhibition

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