Lianne Gough wins Mortimore Prize 2013

Geelong artist Lianne Gough has won the 2013 Mortimore Prize for ‘Cails’, a portrait of her daughter. Lianne receives $15,000 for the overall Best in Show work. It was a unanimous choice for the judges, Tricia Reust (winner of the 2012 Mortimore Prize), Helen Grant (editor of Australian Artist magazine), and Graham Cox (artist).

Lianne Gough Cails 60x90 oil
Lianne Gough, Cails. Image from Australian Art Sales.

The judges commented: “There is a ‘Wow Factor’ quality to this portrait which captures a moment in time. It rests comfortably somewhere between a drawing and a painting, giving it an element of freshness and spontaneity which is one of its great drawcards. The confident, loose treatment demonstrates the benefit of not over-working art. The subject leaves a lot to the viewer’s imagination, with an element of suggestive intrigue, questioning what the figure is actually doing.”

Lianne travelled to Dubbo for the award which was announced on the weekend, Saturday 12 October. It has been a successful year for the portrait artist who was a finalist in the Gallipolli Art Prize in April.

The exhibition of short listed works is currently showing in Dubbo until 3 November and then will travel around the Eastern states over the next 12 months. Plans for the exhibition to come to Geelong are underway but details are still to be confirmed.

The Mortimore Prize is an art competition focusing on realism techniques and figurative works, and is open to artists from around the world.

For further details about the section winners, please visit the Australian Art Sales website.

Lianne Gough Mortimore Prize 2013
Lianne Gough accepts the Mortimore Prize trophy from Tricia Reust, 2012 winner, and Helen Grant, editor of Australian Artist. Image from Australian Art Sales Facebook.

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