Kim Anderson selected in the Hazelhurst Art Award 2013

Congratulations to Ballarat based artist Kim Anderson! Her drawing 58 (pictured below) was shortlisted for the 2013 Hazelhurst Art Award. 96 finalists were selected from 760 entries for the prestigious award for art on paper.

Anderson writes of work: This drawing is from a body of work titled Skin, a series of large-scale, highly detailed portraits of the hands of people very close to me. Our hands, along with our feet, are in constant contact with the rest of the world, more worn and creased than anywhere else on the body. They are tough yet sensitive, dexterous and yet somehow vulnerable, and highly demonstrative of complex emotions.  I closely examine the lines and creases, the patterns and scars that are unique to each individual, exploring and tracing the surface of the skin, a surface that constantly changes from the moment we are born. Stretching, shrivelling, creasing and cracking as we move through the stages of our lives, its topography traces out our entire life history. I search for the precious memories that linger in the fingertips, and discover the momentarily forgotten pain of loss in the creases of the knuckles. I am privileged to examine so closely the minute details of another’s physical body to an extent that they themselves will never do, and hope that I am able to tell their story truthfully and sensitively.

The Japanese washi has itself the texture, malleability and translucency of skin; it has a warmth and tactility that makes it seem almost alive. My drawings are enhanced by the extraordinary qualities of the washi, its diaphanous nature creating nuances of light and texture as it constantly floats and drifts in the air currents.”

Kim Anderson - Image 2
Kim Anderson, 58, 2012, copic liner on Japanese washi, 180 x 90cm. Image courtesy the artists.

Kim Anderson also has a new exhibition Ghosts coming up at Hill End, NSW. The work grew out of Anderson’s second residency at the renowned Hill End studio. Ghosts opens Saturday 20 July at 2pm.

Jean Bellette Gallery
Hill End Visitor Information Centre
High Street, Hill End, NSW
P:  +61 (0) 2 6337 8206
Exhibition Dates:  20 July – 11 September 2013

Check out Kim’s website for more details.


Art on Paper: Hazelhurst Art Award 2013 offers a total of $26,000 in prize money. The Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre, in partnership with Global Specialised Services (GSS), sponsors the major award of $15,000 and the Emerging Artist’s Award of $5,000. Judged by art writer and critic Andrew Frost, the Hazelhurst Art Award 2013 grand prize went to Lynne Roberts-Goodwin for as the sky FALLS through five fingers #131. Gregory Hodge received the Emerging Artist’s Award for his work titled Magazine Mystics. The Local Artist prize of $5,000 was awarded to Michelle Cawthorn for her mixed media work, Bear, while the inaugural Packers Prize of an artist residency at Hazelhurst was won by Justine Varga with Moving Out. A People’s Choice award will also be announced at the end of the exhibition. The exhibition runs until 25 August 2013.

For more information about the prize and exhibition visit the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre Facebook page.


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