Greetings from Vietnam

If you have been wondering why the Artin’ Geelong blog has been quiet of late, it is because I have been tripping around Vietnam. The art scene here seems to be cautiously emerging with the burgeoning of the economy. Development is rampant here. Although I have seen mostly tourist art, propaganda art and traditional arts and crafts, I have come across a couple of galleries exhibiting contemporary work.
I also had the pleasure of meeting old school photographer Long Thanh in Nha Trang who still uses his 1958 Leica camera and Ilford paper. He develops his film in a little studio at the back of his gallery, where he prints his black and white photographs by hand. His poetic and powerful images capture the daily life of the Vietnamese and resonate with integrity. I couldn’t resist buying a print while I was there. Check out his website to see more images of his work.

I will get back into the blogging when I return in late March or when I find better wifi.

Prominent photographer Long Thanh in his gallery at Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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