The Flower Power Project – Call for artists

As I have connections with Torquay Primary School, it is my pleasure to let you know about a community art project, The Flower Power Project, organised by art teacher, Marian Young who has taught art and craft at the school for many years.

Marian is looking for artists and creative types with a connnection to Torquay Primary School or from the wider Torquay community, to contribute artworks to a unique exhibition of works on blackboards. Marion is hoping to source one hundred old chalkboards, linking art with education over the years, and is asking artists to design a flower on each board.

If you are interested in participating, contact Marian Young for more details on The venue for the exhibition has not yet been finalised but it will be held in Torquay. The works can be in any medium but must be ready by 21 March 2013.


  • Using the chalkboard as a base, design a flower or a part of a flower that takes up no more than half the blackboard
  • Artwork can be positioned anywhere on the board but must be portrait layout.
  • Don’t clean the board, leave all the patina.
  • Flower design can be 2D or 3D.
  • Choose your own medium and materials to apply to the chalk board.
  • Please sign your name.

flower power Torquay Primary School


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