Designer edge in 40×40 show at Boom Gallery

Rounded corners in design are not just a trend these days, they are an intrinsic part of the new millenium aesthetic, a kind of visual manifestation of the spirit of the times. Think of the app icons on mobile phones, buttons on the web and user interfaces on the computer screen. There is something about a square with rounded corners that is appealing, friendly and playful.

Tapping into this popular format, a group exhibition of quirky, rounded corner artworks is showing at Boom Gallery until 22 December. Gallery owners Ren Inei and Kate Jacoby invited selected artists from around the Geelong region to create two works for the show and they provided the artists with identical, one inch thick, plywood panels measuring 40cm x 40cm, all with rounded corners.

“They were free to do whatever they wanted from that point,” Kate says. “It was great to see a range of approaches taken. For example, Tibor carving a square mid-section for his image leaving a framing border and Joseph L. Griffiths carving into the panel use antique Japanese lino tools.”

This is a fun exhibition with a diverse mix of styles and conceptual approaches but united by the common size and shape of the plywood. Artists participating in the show are: Natalie Anderson | Morgan Bridgeford | Morgan Connoley | Georgie Gray | Joseph L. Griffiths | Chelsea Gustafsson | Matthew Howard | Ren Inei | Shelley McKenzie | Jiri Tibor Novak | Jeff Raglus | Rohan Robinson | Steve Singline | Glen Smith | David Turner | Trudy White |

A by Jiri Tibor Novak
A by Jiri Tibor Novak. (Image courtesy Boom Gallery.)
Untitled by Joseph L GriffithsUntitled by Joseph L Griffiths. (Image courtesy Boom Gallery.)
A Sign to Sea by Steve SinglineA Sign to Sea by Steve Singline. (Image courtesy Boom Gallery.)
Curved Space by David TurnerCurved Space by David Turner. (Image courtesy Boom Gallery.)
Follow the White Rabbit by Glen SmithFollow the White Rabbit by Glen Smith. (Image courtesy Boom Gallery.)
Salinas by Shelley Mckenzie
Salinas by Shelley McKenzie. (Image courtesy Boom Gallery.)
Stealing Horizons by Morgan BridgefordStealing Horizons by Morgan Bridgeford. (Image courtesy Boom Gallery.)
Untitled by Georgia Gray
Untitled by Georgia Gray. (Image courtesy Boom Gallery.)
40×40 Christmas Show
On until 22 December.
Boom Gallery, 11 Rutland St, Newtown.

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Occupation – Q and A with Shelley McKenzie (2012)
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