RGB graphic design exhibition – Photo Extravaganza

Here are a few photos from the RGB exhibition by the final year students of The Gordon’s Diploma of Graphic Design. It was great to see such creative design work – what a talented bunch! Each student displayed a selection of their work: large format banner posters, packaging projects, folio books, e-folio CDs plus assorted designs featuring typography, photography and illustration (both traditional and digital).

The design folio books were outstanding. Each student produced a book to showcase the work they completed during the course. The attention to detail was evident in each one and while it must have been a little expensive to produce, there is no doubt that presenting their work in such a professional way will give these new designers the edge in a competitive job market (e-folios were on display as well).

Good luck to the graduating group of design creatives as they embark on their burgeoning careers. The exhibition is over but if you didn’t catch it, these pics will give you a taste of the work on display.

Displays by Claire Luttrell and Sally Sparks-Cousins.

RGB exhibition installation view.

Design folio book by Daniel Longo. (Looks like a familiar face – Jiri Tibor Novak)

Sarah Gross and her display. Photo: nitchphotography (image courtesy The Gordon).

Self portraits by the graphic design students.

Packaging design by Steven Chankham.

Steve Chankham with his folio book.

Graphic design folio book by Sarah Hore.

Sarah Hore with her graphic design display.

RGB exhibition installation view.

Dragon art by Sian Downes.

Louis Green with his work in the background. Photo by nitchphotography (image courtesy The Gordon).

Graphic design display by Vanessa Lauder.

Graphic design e-folio by Sally Sparks-Cousins.

Teagan Roberts with her folio book and work in the background. Photo by nitchphotography (image courtesy The Gordon).

Sculpture by Claire Luttrell.

Graphic design display by Stephan Young.

Peel Your Eyes – a big exhibition in more ways than one (2011)
20 questions for artist illustrator Jiri Tibor Novak (2011)


7 thoughts on “RGB graphic design exhibition – Photo Extravaganza

  1. I was a great pleasure and experience studying at the Gordon, with such a wonderful and wide array of talent. I was so pleased with how well our grad show turned out.
    Thanks for the great review.

  2. Thanks for the great review Deirdre, the students worked really hard and the positive feedback has made it very worthwhile. Kim Jones (Sessional teacher – The Gordon – Graphic Design)

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