Marketing 101 for the Artist – Parts 4 and 5

In Parts 4 and 5 of the series ‘Marketing 101 for the Artist’, guest contributor Steve Gray offers some handy tips for online marketing.

Part 4: Keeping up with the Jones’s – updating your details on your website and social media

Perhaps you have decided that as part of your marketing strategy, you want to use the internet. It’s a good way to go because it can be very cost effective. However, you need to be aware of a few things.

  • Keep things up to date – Your website and social media sites can give you a wide range of exposure for not a lot of outlay. But if it’s not up-to-date people can soon pass it by. If it’s not updated frequently enough, the same thing can happen fast. Review what you have to offer and add to it so people know what you are doing, what you have planned, etc.
  • Keep it topical – If you are marketing an open studio event, or an exhibition, chat to people via social media regularly but make sure it’s topical, and of direct interest to the event. If you go off topic the readers will go elsewhere too. The same if you are blogging about your works in progress, keep it relevant.
  • Take a look at others – Find out what other artists are writing about via social media, websites, blogs and networking sites. Perhaps there are some great ideas you can use for the frequency of your posts, the length of posts and the type of information you may want to include (pictures as well as words).
  • Connect – Network on your website, blogs, etc.  Make sure you are connected to any gallery who represents you – it’s important to show you care. You can also link to art organisations and other events to help your readers to connect with art-based events which may be of value to them as well.

If you haven’t realised you need stamina and endurance (not to mention some cash), then you have not been trying hard to follow this plan. Remember this, if you are not telling people about what you do, then how can they know about it?

Part 5:  Measure and tweak! Know what’s working and adjust to suit

You have everything in place and now you want to sit back and watch it all come to reality… What’s that? Not much is happening? Then it’s time to evaluate and tweak things to change all that.

Take a look at what you can measure (your website should have Google Analytics on it for instance so you can see how many people have visited your site and what they are particularly looking at.)

If you have a Facebook page for your artworks, check out the number of ‘likes’ to each thing you have added to it, to see how many people have been following your comments. They will probably give you regular updates about the statistics on your page to help you too.

Check out anything you have created and analyse it for how it works. If it’s a video on YouTube, how many times has it been viewed? Then ask does it have the right keywords? Have you told people on your website that you have a video on the web? Have you mentioned it in press releases?

Check – ‘Tweak’ – Try again. Over time you will find out what works and what doesn’t.

Steve Gray - Guest Contributor on Artin GeelongSteve Gray – Artist & Writer
“After years of looking at artworks in galleries (far and wide), and interviewing a big bunch of contemporary visual artists, I came to the conclusion there are still many artists who need a hand with marketing what they do. I hope this series of ‘mad jottings’ on the basics gives you some info to work with.” and

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