Marketing 101 for the Artist – Part 1

In this 5-part series, guest contributor Steve Gray reveals the marketing strategies that can help you and your works be seen by more of the right people.

Why do artists have to bother with marketing?

You plan it, you make it, you fight with your soul about it… then finally you decide it’s finished, time to move on to the next one. Welcome to visual art. But now you have to think a bit further. Before you can ‘Nail your heart to the wall’ for all to see, you need to consider how you will get others to see your artwork and promote it.

Lots of artists may say “Oh but all I want to do is make art!”. That’s fine, make it, put it ‘under your bed’ and enjoy the process. IF, however, you want to promote what you have so a wider audience gets to see your artwork then marketing is on the cards. Don’t worry, although marketing is important, with a simple plan and a calendar, it can be easy to do.

Firstly let’s stop and think for a second about what is really going on here. You have created something and now want to present it to the world. If all goes to plan, people will see what you have to offer and then take action from there (or not). If you want people to buy your artwork you can take the next step and offer your artwork in exchange for $$. In basic terms you have a commodity, you then show it to prospective buyers. Doing it effectively probably means a sale is on the cards.

I know at least two artists in my circle of contacts who have a good handle on their marketing and use it effectively. If you do an internet search on Amanda van Gils or Kerrie Warren, you will soon see their marketing efforts via their websites and Facebook.

In this series Marketing 101 for the Artist, let’s follow a straightforward system and figure out a plan of action:

  • who you want to communicate to
  • what you have to offer
  • how to measure the results and
  • tweak the system until it works.

Join us as we venture forth and show you some possible ways to allow your work to be seen by a wider audience and do it in ways which fit your style of doing things.

Steve Gray - Guest Contributor on Artin GeelongSteve Gray – Artist & Writer
“After years of looking at artworks in galleries (far and wide), and interviewing a big bunch of contemporary visual artists, I came to the conclusion there are still many artists who need a hand with marketing what they do. I hope this series of ‘mad jottings’ on the basics gives you some info to work with.” and

All posts in ‘Marketing 101 for the Artist’:

Part 1 – Why do artists have to bother with marketing?
Part 2 – Your works and you: what you want to achieve
Part 3 – Communicate, plan and prepare, and media
Parts 4 & 5 – Handy tips for online marketing


One thought on “Marketing 101 for the Artist – Part 1

  1. clear, concise, and easily read. Thanks! I completed an undergrad, and still suck at marketing. Will take whatever help I can get, especially when it comes in words i can handle.. :oP

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