Artin’ Geelong is back in action

It is two years ago today since I published the first post on here and after a 9 month hiatus, I feel ready to tackle this blog anew. During my break I headed over to France (stay tuned for a post about one of the exciting exhibitions I saw in Paris), plugged away at my studies (nearly finished my Professional Writing and Editing course), disappeared down the Instagram vortex (I got out unscathed) and worked on an organic vegie patch (despite the rain, an abysmal failure).

After receiving encouragement from a few Artin’ Geelong enthusiasts who kindly pointed out that the blog was much better than my beetroots, I thought it was time to have another crack at it, albeit with a few changes.

  • Guest contributors – rather than do all the work myself and risk burn out, guest contributors will be invited to participate
  • Broaden the content – although the content of this blog has been primarily about exhibitions in Geelong and surrounds, let’s broaden the parameters and include a more diverse range of art topics
  • Change the name – to more accurately reflect this wider field of content, the blog will now be called Artin’ Geelong rather than Art in Geelong. It sounds cooler, don’t you think?
  • New design – coming soon.

So let’s see how it goes… no promises but it feels good.

And Artin’ Geelong is back on Facebook too. So tell your friends.

‘Happy Solar Return’, Deirdre Carmichael.

13 thoughts on “Artin’ Geelong is back in action

  1. I, for one, am glad to see you back! Geelong needs an art blog of it’s own and as you are expanding it, all the better. Looking forward to many more posts with anticipation. Great to see you back in action! Well done!

  2. Deirdre,
    I am so delighted that you have decided to revive the site and yes the propositions for change all make sense. Many thanks for taking on the task; and I feel sure there are many willing hands (and keyboards) to assist you.
    Much respect
    Peter Dawson

  3. Great to have you back – we have missed you. Here is some news I wonder if you could get out there? The Geelong Art Revealed exhibition as part of the Streets Are Alive festival has found a sponsor in Art Is and the entry fee has been reduced to a flat $15 only with more art available to be displayed – no commission taken! Artists can get a entry form by visiting our website on by the extended date of October 19th. Thank you, Kay and Grant

  4. Welcome back… Anything I can do to support just say so. I am also in an “oh well wait and see” phase with my 2 art sites, perhaps you could be the inspiration. Ok so now you are broadening your art topic spread, Interviews with local Contemporary Art Teachers, so Tafe level and higher I think would be interesting.

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