Calling Early Career Artists

Andrea Morgan, an artist in Geelong, is writing an article for about being an early career visual artist. She is researching how artists make ends meet while working towards becoming established artists and she has devised a survey which artists can participate in by answering a few short questions.

Andrea acknowledges that ‘early career’ is difficult to define and it is something she would like to explore in her article. She says, “At this point in my thinking, early career means post-education, whether that be secondary or tertiary depending on the path the artist in question might plan to take. I would probably consider those undertaking post graduate study as already embarked on their early career. Some factors indicating that an artist has become established and ended the early stage of their career are that they have had a major professional solo show, or are widely recognised by other established artists as established. So it’s all very vague and subjective! If you think you are an early career artist, you are one. Age or income do not seem to be major defining factors.”

So if you consider yourself an early career artist, please fill in the survey [download here] and email it to Andrea Morgan


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