Awards in Geelong VCE Students Art Exhibition 2011

The tragic tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year formed the basis for a series of drawings that has taken out the top award in the Geelong 2011 VCE Students Art Exhibition. Alia Armistead’s five drawings Tsunami Hand Series was selected as Most Outstanding Exhibit from artworks by Geelong’s Year 12 students.

Alia Armistead Tsunami Hand Series
Alia Armistead, Tsunami Hand Series. Image courtesy of the artist.

Using pen and ink to create free-flowing line work, Alia depicts a sequence of hand movements symbolising the tsunami. Alia writes of her work: “After spending eight weeks in Japan, I was worried about the safety of the friends I had made when the tsunami occurred in March. The areas affected by the tsunami were close to where I had stayed and I was inspired to portray the tsunami through my artwork. The five hand positions are symbolic for the development of the tsunami as it moved closer to the east coast of Japan. The direction of the hands moving from right to left reflects the direction the tsunami moved in, and also had cultural significance as in Japan one reads from right to left. The rendering technique used in the series is a fluid line that reflects the fluidity of the water. The increasing size of the hand and the darkening tone reflects the increasing danger that the tsunami brings as it comes closer to land.”

Alia Armistead Tsunami Hand Series installation view
Gallery view of Tsunami Hand Series and in the foreground, ceramic sculptures Displaced Clay by Joe Collings-Hall from Oberon College.
Alia Armistead Tsunami Hand Series detail
Alia Armistead, Tsunami Hand Series (detail).

Judges, Jill Shalless (artist and owner of the Wintergarden Gallery) and Viktor Cebergs (sculptor and educator at The Gordon), presented the award to the Kardinia International College student at the opening last week.

The judges’ commented on Alia’s work. “Exquisite draftsmanship, use of singular limited medium has a powerful impact. Faultless workmanship across all five pieces.”

VCE Art Exhibition Award Winners
Jill Shalless, Emily Scicluna, Alia Armistead and Viktor Cebergs at the opening night. Image courtesy Kardinia International College.

The judges also presented ten Outstanding Exhibit awards. The recipients were:
• Audrey Moore, Australian Bush Emblems (Geelong College)
• Chantelle Parrot, Sexual discrimination (Kardinia International College)
• Chloe Lilkendey, Untitled (Christian College)
• Claire Cato, I killed teddy (Belmont High School)
• Emily Scicluna, Impermanence (Kardinia International College)
• Genevieve Tobin, Untitled (Clonard College)
• Joe Collings-Hall, Displaced Clay (Oberon College)
• Libby Clarke, I had an idea (Christian College)
• Phoebe Alexander, Untitled (Sacred Heart College)
• Rebecca McGavin, Flinders St (Grovedale College)

Emily Scicluna Impermanence installation
Installation view of Impermanence (funghi, digital prints, sculptures in resin, artists book) by Emily Scicluna from Kardinia College.

Secondary schools throughout Geelong participated in the exhibition which is hosted by the Geelong Art Society. A selection of visual art diaries are on display in the gallery as well as drawings, photography, painting, prints, sculpture, computer animation and wearable art.

The Geelong 2011 VCE Student Art Exhibition is on until 4 December at the Shearer’s Arms Gallery, 202 Aberdeen St, Geelong West.

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Geelong VCE Exhibition 2011

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