Community Appeal for Streeton’s Ocean blue, Lorne

Back in August, when I first reported on Sothebys auction of Arthur Streeton’s Ocean blue, Lorne, little did I know that Geelong Gallery was poised to swoop on the painting. The Streeton work was the most hotly contested item on the night but Geelong Gallery won out and purchased Ocean blue, Lorne for $230,000 (hammer price). Now the Gallery is seeking community assistance to help cover costs and is hoping to raise $100,000 towards the purchase.

Arthur Streeton Ocean Blue Lorne
Arthur Streeton, Ocean Blue, Lorne, 1921, 64×76.5 cm. Image from

This is the first time Ocean blue, Lorne has come into a public collection so now we can all enjoy Streeton’s impressionist view of Loutit Bay – a sunny vista through tall gumtrees to the shimmering sea.

Geelong Gallery is the perfect new home for the painting. Streeton is part of the Geelong region’s history – he was born on the outskirts of Geelong and his father was a school teacher at Queenscliff. The painting joins the Gallery’s impressive collection of local landscapes which gives us a visual history of the area since white settlement.

The Geelong Gallery is seeking donations to help fund the latest acquisition. All donations are tax deductible. To make a donation, please phone Geelong Gallery on (03) 5229 3645 for more information.

Streeton Monument

Did you know that a monument marking the birthplace of Arthur Streeton is situated at Mr Moriac? It is located on the corner of Ervines Rd and Princes Hwy. The obelisk is sandwiched between the gravel roadside and the fenceline, right next to an ugly expanse of bitumen. It is not an aesthetically pleasing site to say the least.

The commemorative plaque states Streeton was born at Mt Moriac yet all my research online gives his birth place as Duneed or Mt Duneed. Does anyone know exactly where this artist was born? If anyone has time to research this, I would love to hear from you (after you have made a donation to the Gallery of course).

Arthur Streeton’s commemorative monument – shame about the site.


Arthur Streeton was born at Mt Moriac according to this commemorative plaque.


One thought on “Community Appeal for Streeton’s Ocean blue, Lorne

  1. The Plaque near bitumen,referred to in this article is situated beside the former Mt. Moriac Tennis Court, Princes Highway, Mt. Moriac. Vic. The schoolhouse attached to the former school was adjacent to the court but was demolished, as was the new school building when many Rural schools were amalgamated during the 90’s.Brendon Smith was the School Principal who organised the Streeton Plaque with the help of the late Phillip Russell.

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