Geelong Art Revealed Showcases Local Talent

Level two of the National Wool Museum was transformed into an artists’ studio last weekend for the Geelong Art Revealed exhibition. Set against a backdrop of wool bales and an antique wool auctioneer’s lectern, the exhibition showcased the work of 38 local artists who were asked to present their work on an easel and create their own artistic display in the theme of the Artist’s Studio. The artists were also asked to write about their work and include it in the display.

The exhibition featured a range of artistic styles and mediums by artists with different levels of experience, reflecting the inclusive philosophy of the organisers. It was held under the umbrella of the Streets Are Alive public event.

“The artists have done a brilliant job,” says exhibition co-organiser, Kay Saunders. “They’ve all taken it very seriously.”

Paintings by Mirjana Margetic.
Kerry_Russell_Geelong_Art_RevealedPaintings by Kerry Russell.

Kay says the exhibition space at the National Wool Museum was ‘superb’ with its natural light, and she is grateful for the help and encouragement from Museum Director, Gordon Johnstone. “He’s been very supportive of us and the project,” she says. “We’re thrilled.”

Viewers were invited to nominate their favourite works and after all the votes were tallied, the People’s Choice Award went to Peter Dawson for his graphite drawing Let Go and acrylic painting The Orange Coat. He wins a $300 voucher donated by Cavalier Art Supplies. Dawson won the 12 x 12 Contemporary Art Prize last month.

Peter_Dawson Geelong Art Revealed
Peter Dawson, The Orange Coat and Let Go.

Peter Dawson writes of his work:

Let Go: My drawing technique has developed out of my early experience with traditional printmaking; in particular engraving and lithography. This work is about loss, grief and letting go of the sadness experienced with bereavement. It incorporates cultural symbols of death, including Arum Lilies (my mother always called them ‘death flowers’ and shaving the head as a mourning ritual, set against an evening sky. It is an image of quiet reflection on the loss of a loved one; and of the need for ‘setting free’ both oneself and the departed.

The Orange Coat: The technique for this painting developed from an interest in egg tempera painting, in which the image is firstly rendered in monochrome; usually terra verte. Having experimented with this medium, I was so taken by the quality of the underpainting I decided to use it to focus attention on the rendering of tone and the subtleties that can be achieved, with the block colour providing a strong counterpoint to these subtleties.

Geelong Art Revealed will be held again next year. For further details contact Kay Saunders or Danni Cowdery at Weaving PR on 03 5298 1184.

Anthony Pettiford Geelong Art Revealed
Artworks by Anthony Pettiford.
Paintings by Janne Kearney.
Paintings by Glenys Bryant.
Artworks by Rachel Burke – Patturn.

Artist Profile – Mirjana Margetic
Sew much fun with Patturn – Rachel Burke
Janne Kearney Shortlisted for Mortimer Prize


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