Jeff Raglus’s Bear Bound for Lorne Sculpture Trail

Lorne Sculpture 2011 opens next weekend and for multi-talented artist and musician Jeff Raglus it has been a busy seven weeks to complete his work for the event. Titled Long Way To The Top, the sculpture references his many years in the music industry.

“The love most musicians feel for their craft translates into the fact that we are prepared to be underpaid, ripped off, treated badly and basically do the hard road, whether there is a future in sight or not! Such is the lure of music,” says Raglus.

Jeff Raglus with his work in progress.

The sculpture depicts a giant bear, which Raglus affectionately calls ‘Ted’, holding an electric guitar and bound in bandages from top to bottom.

“‘Ted’ himself is perhaps a child-like Teddy bear, but I also see him as a full sized grizzly who has been captured and made to dance (or rock) like a performing circus bear, all for a handful of pennies,” says Raglus who still plays regularly with irrepressible local band, The Beachniks. “The bandages represent the pain and pleasure of a life fully rocked out.”

Jeff Raglus, Long Way to the Top. Image courtesy the artist.
Jeff Raglus_Bound_to_Please
Jeff Raglus, 'Bound to Please'. Image courtesy the artist.

Carved from cypress wood, mostly with a chainsaw, the sculpture now stands at two metres high but Raglus explains the inspiration came from something much smaller.

“It came from a drawing I did – a tiny drawing on a piece of wood which then became a small painting, which then became a t-shirt print.”

Now in its fourth and largest incarnation, the bear will be displayed on the Sculpture Trail along Lorne’s foreshore for the three-week event. Forty sculptural projects, many of which are large installations, will feature on the trail which starts at the pier, runs along the coastline and finishes at the river.

Jeff_Raglus_Big wrapped bear with axe
Jeff Raglus, Big Wrapped Bear with Axe.

Smaller site specific sculptures will be displayed in shopfront windows around town in the Indoor Sculpture program. The opening weekend will also see the pressure-packed Sculpturescape, where 21 artists create works that respond to the Lorne environment in just seven hours.

Lorne Sculpture 2011 will be held from 15 October to 6 November. Full details on the Lorne Sculpture website:

Details about Jeff Raglus’s work are available on his website:

High Pop Low Down – Jeff Raglus and Dave Bowers
Boom Gallery – a new gallery for Geelong


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