Winner of Geelong acquisitive print awards 2011

Prominent Australian artist and printmaker Bruce Latimer is the winner of the 2011 Geelong acquisitive print awards with his etching Hold up. The $3,000 acquisitive prize was announced at the opening event held at the gallery on Friday 16 September.

This is the second time Latimer has won the award, receiving the top prize in 2005. The judging panel comprised Geoffrey Edwards (Geelong Gallery Director), Lisa Sullivan (Geelong Gallery Curator) and Gordon Morrison (Art Gallery of Ballarat Director).

In his etching Hold up Latimer explores our complex and contradictory relationship with the natural world. He writes:

“As wonderful as it is, I am not content to simply observe the natural world, rather I am compelled to examine our varied interactions with it. What usually captures my attention are the results of our intrusions and what I celebrate is the beauty of the world despite these intrusions.

In my etchings I juxtapose imagery as a way of exploring our entwinement with the natural world. I am often struck by the absurdity of our behaviour in relationship to that world. I see my work as a poetic meditation rather than an attempt to explain political or environmental truths. Through juxtaposition of imagery I attempt to build an impossible but believable picture. The etching Hold Up dangles rather than juxtaposes images. The images are of the landscape and money. I like money. It is often beautifully embellished with images of people, culture and history. My wallet is like a busy museum with a constantly revolving exhibition program. Money is a medium of exchange. It mostly has no intrinsic value but becomes tangible when amassed, requiring heavy vehicles to move it. Money is clumsy and pig headed, it causes a lot of problems.”

Bruce Latimer, Hold up. Image courtesy of the artist.
Bruce Latimer at work. Image from

An additional three works were acquired by the Gallery which include The Surgeon, a linocut, ink and watercolour artwork by Geelong’s own Rona Green (who is now based in Melbourne); a wood engraving by Rosalind Atkins titled Penders Forest; and an etching by David Frazer titled New life.

Rona Green, The Surgeon. Image courtesy of the artist.

The awards exhibition is now in its ninth year and features entries from around Australia by established and emerging printmakers with a number of artists from the Geelong region.

In addition to the four acquisitions, thirty-seven works are also exhibited by: Tony Ameneiro, Paul Baxter, Rebecca Beardmore, Eolo Paul Bottaro, Violeta Capovska, Angela Cavalieri, Jazmina Cininas, Helen Clarke, Robert Clinch, Jock Clutterbuck, Miriam Cullen, Graeme Drendel, Alex Game, Greer Honeywill, Ying Huang, Keira Hudson, Kate Hughes, Anita Iacovella, Kristen Kell, Adrian Kellett, Lyndy Lord, Glen Mackie, William Mackinnon, Allan Mann, Janet Parker-Smith, Lisa Roet, John Ryrie, Joel Sam, Olga Sankey, Heather Shimmen, Melissa Smith, Paul Snell, Ben Soedradjit, Justin Trendall, Wayne Viney, Cleo Wilkinson, and Joel Wolter.

The exhibition is on until 20 November 2011 at Geelong Gallery, Lt Malop St, Geelong. Open daily 10.00am to 5.00pm.


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