Top 10 posts on artingeelong

artingeelong is one year old! To celebrate this milestone, here are my top 10 posts – the posts I enjoyed publishing the most. Perhaps it was the visual impact of the artwork, perhaps it was the personality of the artist or maybe it was the conceptual basis of the work – whatever the reason, the subject of each of these posts resonated with me.

Over the past twelve months it has been a privilege to write about artists and their work. I have avoided art criticism, preferring instead to offer informative features and articles. In doing so, I hope I have filled the gap in art reportage in the region.

It has been a hard slog to cover everything, especially when family, house renovations, work and studies demand their due. So thanks to all of you who have offered encouragement, and thanks to all the email subscribers who have been interested enough to follow artingeelong.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 posts on artingeelong

  1. Congratulations on the blog’s first birthday – I hope that there are many more. Keep writing and photographing Geelong’s art.

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