Peel Your Eyes – a big exhibition in more ways than one

The Geelong avant garde have united for a massive contemporary art exhibition in a vacant building in the city centre.

Spanning three levels of the former Dimmeys building, the Peel Your Eyes exhibition displays artworks from over fifty emerging and professional artists from around the Geelong region. But it’s not just the size of the exhibition space, nor the sheer number of works that make this exhibition stand out; it’s also the contemporary nature of the art and the monumental scale of some of the installations that really give this show some clout.

Teagan Roberts, ‘Alis Volat Propis’ (She flies with her own wings)

The artists’ unbridled enthusiasm is apparent the minute you walk in the door. The carvernous space is filled with artwork: installations inhabit entire rooms, paste ups encircle the stairwells, projections light up the dark. Where do you look first? Then there’s the graffiti wall, soundscapes, site-specific sculptures and multimedia works. You will find plenty of 2D visual art as well, some with extraordinarily intricate detail that can be easily overlooked. Keep your eyes peeled!

SUBspace, an artist-run initiative propelled by Stephanie Tribe, secured the space and organised the exhibition with the help of Courthouse Arts and the City of Greater Geelong. The artist group has presented an ambitious exhibition by anyone’s measure. Has SUBspace managed to carry it off? You will have get along to the exhibition to see what you think. Check out the slideshow below for a visual feast of some of the works on offer.

Peel Your Eyes runs until 16 September, 12 noon to 8pm, in the former Dimmeys building at 44 Malop St, Geelong.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Artists: Matthew Bonner | Jason Boyle | Rob Bowen | Rachael Burke | Tom Burstow | Steven Chankham | Graham Charteris |
Aaron Cody | Ruben Collier | Sian Downes | Steve Gray | Louis Green | Sarah Gross | Terry Guida | Sheree Hardcastle |
Sophie Hayward | Cassiah Henderson | Eden Henderson | Julie Henrys | Sarah Hore | Ashlee Hovey | Clare Jelli | Cath Johnston | Ethan Keay | Jamie Kelson | Jenni Kemp | Daniel King | Vishnu Kumar | Martin Kumnick | Casey Macintosh | Quinn Marsh |
Riley McDonald | Mike McLean | Shirley McNaughton | Sam McMillan | Michael Morgan | Nick Morris | Daniel Mullane |
Nick Nagy | Daniel Out | Jeremey Palmer | Maddie Popovic | Taegan Roberts | Rebecca Sanderson | Russell Sanford | Glen Smith | Chris Stokes | Urban Symphony | Mary-Jane Walker | Courtney Ward | Sam Way | Darrem Wescombe | Stacey Williams |
Jo Wiltshire |

Illumination bedazzles Geelong with light art
SUB is a new artist-run initiative for Geelong


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