Home or Away – Artists Talk About Working Abroad

What is the relationship between artists and the place where they work? How do cultural traditions shape an artist’s practice? In a special talk coming up at Salt Contemporary Art, three artists will discuss how location has influenced their work.

Doug Wright, Anne Saunders and Anne Hastie will chat about their experiences of  participating in regular artist residencies in Scotland and China respectively. Facilitated by David Beaumont, the conversation will explore how time and place, culture, and the physicality of the working environment, can have some bearing on professional practice.

An exhibition comprising a selection of each artist’s work, completed during and following their residencies, will complement the discussion.

Home or Away Salt Winter Program
Left to right: Anne Saunders Firth of Tay, Anne Hastie Breath 2, Doug Wright Lindores Abbey
Images from saltcontemporaryart.com

The Home or Away Talk is one of the events in the Salt Contemporary Winter Program. Sunday 14 August at 2:30pm at Salt Contemporary Art, 33 Hesse St, Queenscliff. RSVP/enquiries: info@salt-art.com.au   Ph: 03 5258 3988

Latest paintings – Anne Hastie – Residency in China.
Gathering Places Exhibition – Gillian Turner – Residency in Ireland.


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