Friday Printmakers Exhibition

Every Friday a group of local artists gather in Geelong for all things printmaking. Monoprints, relief prints, intaglio, solar plate and other terms and techniques are explored in their weekly meetings. As a result of these get-togethers, the second Friday Printmakers Exhibition gets underway this July at the Wintergarden Gallery.

With over 200 artworks, this exhibition shows the diversity of work produced by the group. Prints are often the starting off point for many budding art collectors since prints more affordable than sculpture and painting. Look out for the next Whistler or Goya right here in Geelong!

Official Opening: The exhibition will be opened by internationally renowned printmaker Marco Luccio at the official opening on Sunday 10 July at 2pm.

Meet the Artists: The Friday Printmakers will be at art@wintergarden to talk about their work on Sunday 3 July and Saturday 9 July. Sharing a passion for printmaking, the artists will explain the processes used to create their work.

The Friday Printmakers Exhibition runs from 2 July – 2 August at Wintergarden Gallery, 51 McKillop St Geelong.



2 thoughts on “Friday Printmakers Exhibition

  1. Hello,
    I am a printmaker – etchings and silkscreens mainly – moving into Geelong in mid-January. I not only look forward to meeting fellow artists, but have an Enjay studio-sized electric etching press to sell. I am hoping you may be able to advise me about who/where to contact locally about displaying its details on a noticeboard, please. I plan to buy a smaller press.
    Thank you for your website which I have signed up for.
    Anne Pinkas

    1. Hi Anne
      Welcome to Geelong!
      The Geelong Gallery has a pin up board for art notices as do most of the galleries around the area. They are listed on the Galleries page. You could also try Cavalier Art Supplies which has a notices section. You should check out Etch Gallery which has a strong printmaking background.
      Best wishes

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