Kerry Buckland – Constructed Environments Retrospective

Geelong artist, Kerry Buckland has been making her mark in Melbourne with an exhibition Constructed Environments Retrospective. The exhibition features artworks she created over the past few years and includes innovative installation based work, sculpture and painting which explores our relationship to the environment.

Constructed Environments, Kerry Buckland, installation view.

Buckland writes in her artist statement: “This project examines aspects of contemporary Western cultures’ relationship to the environment. Using media which is usually associated with mass production and mass culture, it explores the cultural mediation of nature. The work explores decorative floral motifs extracted from nature and employs them as emblems of this cultural mediation. The work inhabits architectural spaces and juxtaposes natural and artificial elements while referencing the formal qualities of painting.”

She began her art studies at The Gordon back in 1995, and went on to gain a Bachelor of Fine Art, (with distinction) RMIT. Her studies culiminated with a Master of Fine Art, RMIT. In 2005 Buckland won the Siemens/RMIT Post Graduate Fine Art Scholarship which enabled her to travel to New York to complete a Residency at the Gershwin Hotel. She was also awarded the MFA Graduate Show Excellence Prize in 2006.

Constructed Environment, Kerry Buckland. Laser cut MDF, acrylic paint, 2011.

Buckland has continued to develop her art practice, exhibiting both here and overseas, including a solo exhibiton in New York, and a group exhibition at Art University Bournemouth, London.

Her work is being exhibited at the artist-run space Upstairs@The Napier Hotel, a
non-profit initiative committed to the presentation of high quality contemporary art. It aims to provide an affordable space for artists to exhibit and as well as increase access to innovative work. Set in a hotel, the artist-run space hopes to bring together diverse local communities, including sports, arts, pub clientele and those who may generally not be involved or interested in contemporary art.

Constructed Environment, Kerry Buckland. Acrylic and enamel on canvas, 2009. 

Constructed Environments Retrospective is on until 23 June 2011 at Upstairs@The Napier Hotel, 210 Napier St, Fitzroy. Opening hours are Thurday 4–8pm, Friday 1–8pm, Saturday 1–5pm. Enquiries phone 0412 464 789.

Thanks to Kerry Buckland for providing these images and allowing me to publish them on this site.

Constructed Environments, Kerry Buckland, installation view.

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