BoxWorld – The World’s Amazing Recycled City

The National Wool Museum is thinking outside the box with a new exhibition.

BoxWorld is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities created entirely from boxes, cans, bottles and all sorts of recycled materials. A hand-crafted, fluid interpretation of a major city, this playful exhibition highlights the importance of recycling and demonstrates how creative we can be with materials that we would otherwise discard.

The exhibition gives every visitor the opportunity to create and construct part of a miniature city reflecting Geelong’s past, future and present, an idea which Councillor Cameron Granger thinks will prove inspiring, “As well as highlighting the need for environmental awareness and action, this is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to create and re-create their house, school, suburb and city – who knows, we may even see some great ideas for the future of Geelong!”

Created by Warren Thomas and over 12 years in the making, BoxWorld covers 200 sq metres (almost the size of a tennis court) and boasts 900 individual buildings. The tallest skyscraper is as high as a ferris wheel and there’s even a cathedral with a spire made from an old tomato sauce bottle.

In direct contrast to the exhibition’s cityscapes, visitors to the BoxWorld exhibition during the month of July will also be treated to a complimentary viewing of an installation by the artist Rachel Joy. ‘Colonial Architecture’ features 100 three dimensional sheep all made from recycled packaging. The piece lightheartedly explores the important role sheep have played in building our nation.

BoxWorld is on from 13 June to 7 August at the National Wool Museum Geelong.
26 Moorabool Street, Geelong. Phone (03) 5272 470.
An education programme is also available.

Entry fees to the Museum (valid from 1st July 2011) are $4 per child (2-15 yrs), $7.50 per adult,
$6 concession or just $25 per family (2 adults and up to 4 children). The Museum is open 9.30am–5pm on weekdays and 1–5pm on weekends until 30th June 2011. From 1st July, the museum will be open from 9.30am–5pm on weekdays and 10am–5pm on weekends.

Media release from the National Wool Museum. Images courtesy National Wool Museum.


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