Juxtaposed Exhibition

Juxtaposed features the latest works of four Geelong printmakers: Gaye Nieuwenhof, Steve Parkhill, Robyn Sandford and John McClumpha. The artists have used different printmaking techniques including linocuts, collagraphs, encaustic screenprints and wood engraving, to create a diverse range of works. Also on show are Pip Williams latest ‘happy accidents’ in lino printing.

The definition of juxtapose is ‘to place side by side, often for comparison or contrast’. The title of the exhibition is apt given that the artists’ works are so different and perhaps the only link between the prints is their arrangement alongside each other where they can be easily compared and contrasted.

If you like printmaking, this exhibition will have you itching to try new techniques and pondering how different effects have been achieved.

You can see more of Gaye Nieuwenhof’s striking abstract works on her blog The Happy Printmaker. For more about the innovative works by Steve Parkhill, check out his website www.steveparkhill.com.

The exhibition opened last Sunday at 135 Gallery, 135 Andersons Rd, Drysdale and is on until 11 May. Ph: 5253 3461

Opening of Juxtaposed at 135 Gallery.

Steve Parkhill with one of his torn linocuts, Copeland Spode Bovine (Maxine’s Cows)

Boldly coloured prints by John McClumpha

Intriguing print by Robyn Sandford.

Robyn Sandford’s prints

Skeletal, Gaye Nieuwenhof (Image courtesy of the artist)

Shard, Gaye Nieuwenhof (Image courtesy of the artist)

Nami, Gaye Nieuwenhof (Image courtesy of the artist)

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