SUB is a new artist-run initiative for Geelong

[Note: SUB no longer exists.]

The artistic life of Geelong is about to receive an injection of creative energy! SUB is a new artist-run initiative to support artists in the region. Run by volunteers who have a passion for the arts, not to mention ambitious ideas, SUB has developed three initiatives: SUBpress, SUBgallery and SUBevents.


The first initiative, SUBpress is a publication for circulation in the Geelong area with content generated by readers. The first issue is well under way and due out in May. It will feature local folk act The Evening Cast, photography by local artists, work by local poets and creative writers, and a dissection of the ‘State of the Arts’ in Geelong today.

SUBpress is still looking for fresh, creative content so if you are bursting with ideas, words or pictures then SUB would love to hear from you. For more information on how to submit your work, go to the SUB website [Update: website no longer exists]

SUBgallery call to artists

SUB also plans to coordinate a non-profit gallery space to promote emerging contemporary artists. An alternative to the conventional commercial gallery experience, the innovative SUBgallery will provide exhibition space, storage space, as well as ongoing promotion and support for artists working in all art forms, at all stages of their practice.

SUB is currently taking proposals from those wanting to participate in exhibitions and site specific projects in and around the CBD. SUB would like to hear from all artists whether they are professional, emerging or still studying.

You can find out more about SUBgallery and all the contact details on the SUB website  [Update: website no longer exists]


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