Auction of Water Dreaming Painting for Flood Relief

When art publishers Susan McCulloch and Emily McCulloch-Childs decided to curate Salt Water to Salt Contemporary, an exhibition exploring the theme of water in indigenous art, little did they realise how topical the issue of water would become. With devastating floods inundating Queensland and now Victoria, the McCulloch’s, in partnership with Salt Contemporary, have decided to donate one of the paintings from the exhibition for a silent auction.

They have chosen an evocative ‘water dreaming’ painting by Western Desert artist Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri. The entire proceeds of the auction will be donated to assist those affected by the floods.

Pictured left, Kapi Tjukurrpa (water dreaming), 112 x 35.5cm, depicts women’s water sites of Napaltjarri’s Western Desert salt water country – important for both ceremonial purposes and in the supply of fresh drinking water.

(Image courtesy Salt Contemporary Art.)

Salt Contemporary Art has provided the following information about the artist.

Born in 1958, near Haast’s Bluff, Napaltjarri spent her formative years at Papunya attending school there. Her first teacher was Geoffrey Bardon, a fact that she remains proud of today. As a young woman, she moved to the Pintupi community of Kintore, about 500km west of Alice Springs, where she married Barney Campbell Tjakamarra (now deceased) and to whom she had four children.

Maisie began painting about 15 years ago. Whilst clearly influenced by her husband and the dotting style adopted by many Pintupi artists, she has developed her own form of expression which is characterised by a free flowing depiction of her stories and a rapid fire approach to dotting. Maisie is imaginative in her use of colours, showing a propensity to experiment in order to achieve the effects she is seeking, yet preserving the inherent cultural integrity of her works.

If you would like to find out more about the auction and/or to bid, please contact Salt Contemporary Art on 03 5258 3988 or visit for other contact details.

Fiona Kelly, Susan McCulloch and Emily McCulloch-Childs with Kapi Tjukurrpa by Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri.

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