Summer Exhibition Program at Salt Contemporary Art

Salt Contemporary Art is running a Summer Exhibition Program, comprising four different exhibitions, throughout January and early February.  The current exhibition, the second in the series, features paintings by Tarli Glover and David Beaumont, and sculptures by Damien Elderfield.

Elderfield’s striking sculptures of sleek stainless steel soar into peaks and points like futuristic sky scapers. These assymetric structures, created with precision engineering, have a strong industrial aesthetic. Outer shells are cut away to reveal intricate mechanisms, and the cold polished metal contrasts with the warmth of Australian hardwoods and the earthiness of bluestone.

Damien Elderfield’s sculptures of stainless steel and bluestone.
(Image courtesy Salt Contemporary Art.)

While Elderfield’s sculptures are constructed with exact geometry, David Beaumont creates his abstract paintings in a loose, flowing style that ebbs and flows like the tide. He evokes a sense of the waterways and coastlines of our region using a subtle earthy palette of blue, grey, umber and ochre. In some instances paint is applied thickly and texturally, in others thin transparent washes reveal layers of colour and hint at watery reflections.

Water’s Edge
, David Beaumont (Image courtesy Salt Contemporary Art.)

Running alongside Beaumont’s works, Tarli Glover’s distinctive series of paintings are predominantly semi abstract works of people, animals and objects – the female form, violin and dachshund are recurring motifs. The colours are bold and self-assured. Stencilled patterns add ornamentation, flattening the perspective. It is the intriguing facial expressions of Glover’s subjects, with impossibly elongated noses and dark imperceptible eyes, which entice the viewer to look more closely and ask, what emotion is being expressed here?

Love Adore,
Tarli Glover (Image courtesy Salt Contemporary Art.)

The exhibition runs until the 15th January at Salt Contemporary Art, 33 Hesse St, Queenscliff. Check out Salt’s website for full details of other exhibitions in the Summer Exhibition Program

David Beaumont’s exhibition Eu Thanatos at Geelong Gallery – February 2011
A Splash of Colour at Salt Contemporary Art – June 2011
Forgotten Spaces – Exhibition by Terri Brooks and Alan Bates – Nov 2010


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