Alleyway Arts Festival in Geelong

Here is another great opportunity for artists and musicians – the Alleyway Arts Festival. The festival will give Geelong a little shock of arts excitement with live music, artist exhibitions and live painting. Supported by Courthouse Arts, Alleyway Arts Festival is on Saturday 19 February in Lt Malop St. Check out the website for more details and to register your interest in showing your work but hurry, entries close 15th January!


2 thoughts on “Alleyway Arts Festival in Geelong

  1. Good morning Evert, I sent you an em yesterday but I’m not sure if you received it, as I’ve recently moved and the computer hasn’t quite settled down.
    The reason for my em was regarding having some of my pieces displayed at the upcoming Alleyway Arts Festival. As I’m not familiar with your requirements or if my work will be suitable for this event, I thought I’d em you first. I work mainly with Textiles and Thread Painting. My most recent piece was featured on Grand Designs Australia (Episode 9) Indented Head, it can be viewed on the Lifestyle channel website.
    Looking forward to your reply.

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