The Art of Diplomacy

After a constellation of student art exhibitions in recent weeks (evidence that art education is now thriving in Geelong) comes one final burst of stellar artistic talent in the Art of Diplomacy exhibition. Presented by the graduating students of The Gordon’s Diploma of Visual Arts, the exhibition is the culmination of two years of focussed art study.

The Gordon Gallery is brimming with artworks encompassing painting, printmaking, sculpture and drawing. Colourful abstract paintings by Marcus Hull dominate the end wall, and tall, graceful metal sculptures by Elaine Hogarty tower over smaller ceramic works in the centre of the gallery. There is so much to see, it is easy to overlook quieter and more subtle pieces such as the shellac etchings by Judith Bennett or the quirky cluster of pencil drawings by Kelli Daffy.

At the opening of the exhibition, teachers Adrian Hann, Viktor Cebergs and David Turner, praised the creativity of the students and acknowledged the student’s commitment and dedication. They presented several awards including:

  • Best Artwork – Marcus Hull (2nd year)
  • Highly Commended – Judith Bennett (2nd year) & Leslie Smith (1st year)
  • Encouragement Award – Shannon Henry (1st year)

Marcus Hull trained as a graphic designer and is now exploring his ideas through  sculpture, painting and print making. He is a member of Geelong Sculptors Inc and has a real appreciation for 3D forms of expression. He plans to continue his art studies and has been accepted into the Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts).

Highly Commended award winner, Judith Bennett, is originally from Gippsland and only recently came to Geelong to pursue art studies. Her creative path has included that of being a mother and a senior nurse. For 10 years she used her talents in textiles and crafts, operating a textile craft shop, mentoring textile craft artists and getting involved in many community arts projects. She is now working from her studio at Art Is… developing her own art practice.

The other stars of the show are Adam Shelley, Amanda Fox, Danuta Phillips, Doreen Freeman, Elaine Hogarty, Fiona Luttrell, Kelli Daffy, Sally Edwards and Sara Purtill.

The Art of Diplomacy is on until Friday 17 December at The Gordon Gallery, Corner Fenwick St and Gordon Ave, Geelong.

Marcus Hull, recipient of the Best Artwork award (Photo courtesy The Gordon)

Grand Design, Marcus Hull

Judith Bennett received a luxurious boxed set of Derwent pencils for her Highly Commended award.
Elaine Hogarty (Photo courtesy The Gordon)
Kelli Daffy_Art_of_Diplomacy_Art_in_Geelong
Kelli Daffy (Photo courtesy The Gordon)

Circles, Kelli Daffy

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