Torquay High Tide Festival

Torquay was swamped by a wave of art for the High Tide Festival over the weekend. Artworks were on display in the streets, public spaces and indoor venues throughout Torquay.

Over in Taylor Park, a White-faced Heron overlooks the Taylor Park Pond. Egretta novaehollandiae by Veronica Phillips is constructed from recycled plastic, aluminium and tetra packs with its body created from tightly woven plastic bags. A plastic six-pack ring around the heron’s neck sends a message about litter’s detrimental impact on wildlife.

Egretta novaehollandiae
, Veronica Phillips

A large alien starfish can be seen high on the beach at Cosy Corner. Seastar, by Elaine Hogarty, is made with wire armature clad with chicken wire and aluminium cans. The star shape represents the sea creatures under threat from the rubbish in our oceans and, at another level, star-shaped stickers are used as rewards for children’s good behaviour. This installation reinforces the message to dispose of rubbish responsibly as part of the Too Lovely to Litter campaign.

, Elaine Hogarty

In Torquay Central, an empty shop front has been converted into an exhibition space for ArtMAD, a group of seven contemporary artists from the Surfcoast and Geelong. Exhibiting together for the first time, the artists explore the ‘hidden depths’ within their art. The participating artists are Marion Smith, Mirjana Margetic, Susan Hayward, Jennifer Warren, Annita Rae, Ondra Gangell and Pat O’Connell.

Ondra’s After the Fires was inspired by flowering grasstrees which bloomed after bushfires ravaged the area around Anakie and the Brisbane Ranges.

Australian landscape paintings by Marion Smith.

Hiding in the Grass
, by Pat O’Connell.

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