Geelong VCE Art Exhibition

The Geelong Art Society is holding an exhibition of outstanding work by Geelong’s 2010 VCE art students. The exhibition involves every secondary school in the Geelong region showcasing their best three works which include paintings, drawings, 3D works, wearable fashion, visual communication, visual art diaries and more.

There are many interesting pieces in this exhibition. One such work, winning an Outstanding Exhibit Award, is Child Soldier (also titled Loss of Innocence – a Wish for Peace) by Laura Phillips from Oberon High School. It depicts a child with a gun, painted on a backdrop of 1050 paper cranes. Each paper crane was individually hand folded by Laura. According to Japanese legend, anyone who folds 1000 cranes will have a wish granted to them. After WWII, paper cranes became a symbol of international peace after Sadako Sasaki, a young Hiroshima victim, made 1000 of them in a bid to recover from  leukemia caused by radiation from the atomic bomb. The artwork counterposes the despair and utterly hopeless situation of the child soldier with the hope for peace. (You can read more about Sadako Sasaki’s story at–symbols-of-peace-a4683)

Laura Phillips with her VCE artwork Child Soldier (Loss of Innocence – a Wish for Peace).

Detail of the paper cranes.

The depth and wisdom of our young people is inspiring. If you are interested to see the themes explored by our next generation of artists, then check out the exhibition. It is on until 5th December at Shearer’s Arms Gallery, 202 Aberdeen St, Geelong West.

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