Anglesea Art Walk – Geelong Region

It was standing room only at the Anglesea Hall for the launch of the Anglesea Art Walk on Sunday. The big crowd reflected the level of community interest this project has generated over the past 2 years. The Anglesea Art Walk spans 2.5 kilometres through Anglesea with six mosaic art pieces marking the walk. It starts at the JE Loveridge Lookout with sensational panoramic views of the Surfcoast and concludes in the valley at the Anglesea Primary School.

Mosaic at Loveridge Lookout depicting the Inverlochy, a ship which became stranded on Ingoldsby Reef.

Under the direction of artist Kate van Nooten, six organisations within the local community created the mosaic art sculptures to reflect each organisation’s ethos and purpose. The organisations include the historical society, community house, primary school, Lions club, ANGAIR, and Business and Tourism Anglesea. Although a challenge to work with so many different groups, Kate managed to galvanise community spirit and the result is a noteworthy assembly of artworks.

A brochure about the Art Walk is available from the Anglesea Information Centre.

Community artist, Kate van Nooten in front of the Flora and Fauna Mosaic.

Rockpool Mosaic.

Detail of the Boat Mosaic.

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