A treasure trove at Pandora’s Art House

With vibrant paintings on display in the window and inviting cafe tables and chairs clustered on the pavement, Pandora’s Art House offers a cheery welcome. Step inside and you are greeeted by a riot of colourful paintings on the wall and the seductive aromas of freshly ground coffee. The paintings on display are by local artists, quite a few by Robyn Kittelty Redman. There is also an interesting collection of prints by the Friday Morning Print Group, led by renowned artist Gaye Nieuwenhof.

Heather Lyall has been operating the cafe/gallery for a little over a year, combining her passion for good food with her love of art. She also manages a little artist’s studio out the back where art workshops are held.

Although her business is keeping her busy, Heather also finds time to paint, exploring the boundary between abstraction and figurative work. “I’m not into absolute realism,” she says. “I don’t want my paintings to be photographic.”

Heather has been working with wet on wet techniques using acrylics to create some striking works. Strong fluid splodges of colour create an abstract view of the landscape. She is interested in capturing the ‘feel’ for something, distilling it’s essence and exploring the qualities that make it recognisable, without resorting to a literal depiction. “It’s all about colour, shape and light,” she says simply.

You can view Heather’s work and other paintings and prints at Pandora’s Art House,
112 Ryrie St, Geelong.

Art in Geelong Buried Riches
Buried Riches, Heather Lyall.

Coffee with a smile – one of the friendly staff at Pandora’s.

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