Public Art in Geelong Streets

If you have ventured into the city centre lately, you would be unlikely to miss several large portrait posters dotted about town. The public arts project, STREETFACE 2 features fifteen faces from the Geelong community. The images have been printed on 5m x 5m posters and placed on iconic Geelong buildings and in laneways. The images are the result of photography workshops that were held with various groups in Geelong. The concept behind STREETFACE 2 is summed up in its tagline – Uniquely Different, Essentially the Same. It aims to show the diversity in our culture but also the qualities that make us alike.

This project is one of the art events organised to coincide with the UCI Road Cycling World Championships but it is still on until 11 October. In addition to the posters around town, a massive 100 metre square poster has been placed on a rooftop featuring faces from an earlier project STREETFACE 1. If you want to see the giant poster you will need to fly over in a plane or helicopter!

If there is a STREETFACE3 perhaps the photographer(s) could be acknowledged on the posters. I was surprised that there is no acknowledgement of the photographers in the current project. Even if it is a collaborative process recognition should be given to those involved in each shot. After all, a portrait is a two-way process and says nearly as much about the photographer as it does the subject.


3 thoughts on “Public Art in Geelong Streets

  1. Hi thanks for the article on our project. Great feedback!

    Just like to let you know it is only for privacy reasons the photographer of each pictures name isn’t displayed.

    All pictures are done in community workshops with ordinary people who have never done any form of art (as this is one of the aims of the project- to introduce people to photography), and not artists trying to gain recognition. We have on many occasions asked people if they want their name published, but for most its the first time they have taken a photo and their confidence isn’t at a level, where they want their name ‘in lights’. We hope the project will give them the confidence and hopefully next time they will allow us to publish names. The workshop photographers name, however, is on every picture.

    You will see STREETFACE 3, maybe we can push for names more.
    Congratulations on your site, so glad to see this kind of thing happening in g-town.

    1. Thanks for the explanation Mardi – and fair enough too. It didn’t even occur to me that privacy might be an issue.
      I’m looking forward to the next Streetscape!
      And thanks for the positive feedback.

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