Sheoak Sculpture and Fire Installation

Yesterday afternoon I wandered down to Barwon Valley Park to have a look at the temporary Sheoak Sculpture and Fire installation by local artists Viktor Cebergs, Glenn Romanis and Mark Trinham.

Spanning about 50 metres across an open grassy area next to the Barwon River, the sculpture represents a native Sheoak branch formed with granite, basalt, quartz, scoria, river pebbles and sand. It is studded with 2 metre high mounds of sawn-cut recycled pine logs to symbolise the Sheoak pods. The position of each pod is arranged so that when viewed collectively from above, it forms the constellation of the Southern Cross.

The white lines that run from the cross and the two pointers show how direct south can be determined where the white lines intersect. The ‘South’ point is represented by the spiral timber structure at the end.

Photo courtesy Mark Trinham.

I got there just in time for the fire lighting. The gentle wisps of smoke emitting from the tops of each structure were soon overcome by a raging blaze. It was an impressive sight to see the Sheoak pod sculptures burst into flames. It seems such a shame to see the artists’ hard work literally go up in smoke but it is symbolic of the fragility and impermanence of all things.

The fire installation burned well into the night, bright as the stars in a constellation-strewn sky.

Photo courtesy Mark Trinham

From left to right: artists Viktor Cebergs, Mark Trinham and Glenn Romanis.

The South point.

One of the burning Sheoak pods.

Facing directly South.


One thought on “Sheoak Sculpture and Fire Installation

  1. re: sheoak sculpture and fire installation. thank you for reproducing these amazing photos with added written information explaining the artistic merits produced by Romanis, Cebergs and Trinham. Unfortunately not enough forward notice was offered by the Geelong Advertiser enabling the general public to be better informed of this large project. Melbourne took the kudos. It would seem that Geelong is considered a ‘backwater’ useful only for professional cyclists. Again, thank you for your input.

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